SuperPoints FAQ

This is my first post on the blog, it will explain what exactly Super Points is

Taken from Super Points website

What is the Superpoints Network?

The Superpoints Network is a collection of sites where users can win or earn Superpoints™ that can be redeemed for valuable rewards. The sites in the Superpoints Network currently are,, and

What are Superpoints®?

Superpoints are what you collect on the network sites that you can save up for great rewards like gift cards, electronics, or even cars.

How do I get Superpoints™?

There are more ways to get Superpoints™ every day. Use as your primary search engine, and every time you search, you have a chance to win. When your connections win, you win too. Shop at RewardShopping with your favorite merchants like Target, The Gap, or Macy's and get Superpoints™ with every purchase. Tell your friends about Superpoints™ at Reward Ladder, and get huge points when your friends sign up. It's easy!

Does my login and password work at all network sites?

Yes. All the Superpoints Network sites have the same owner, so your login is the same across all the sites. You can login at, and using the same login information.

Where are the rewards?

The rewards are in the Superpoints Rewards Catalog. Find the reward you're looking for now!

How do I make new connections?

You can invite your friends to any one of the Superpoints Network sites. Simply click the "invite" link when you are signed in, and follow the prompts on screen.