Monday, June 13, 2011

Guide To SuperPoints for New Members

Superpoints Network is a great GTP site that requires next to no work. Mostly just signing in to click the Superlucky button and referring friends. You can also earn points from luckymail, surveys and offers. 
500 pts = $5 Paypal or gc. You can win up to 450 pts per click and luckymail! 

Signing Up & Avoiding Losing Your Account:
1. Superpoints is only valid in the US, UK & Canada.
2. Don’t sign up with an obviously fake name. There are people who post suspected fake names that show up in recent winners on the Superpoints Facebook page for Superpoints to investigate. Examples of reported names: Subsc M., Pink I., No N.
3. Limit one account per household or IP address. Don't refer anyone who lives with you. 4. Confirm your email and complete your profile for basic status. As a basic member, you will receive 30 clicks a day instead of 5.
5. Accounts expire within 30 days of inactivity so play everyday
6. Don’t report any Superpoints emails as spam. Go to your Communication Preferences to unsubscribe.

Earning Points:
1. Click the Superlucky buttonEach click can win you up to 450 pts. 
2. Opt into surveys and luckymail in your Communication Preferences. You will be emailed surveys as they become available and sent one luckymail a day. Each luckymail is a guaranteed win!
3. Check the videos. Occasionally, there will be a video up for 1-2pts.
4. Do offers. There are 2 offer walls with tons of offers and tasks. 
5. Get referring. Each referral who has completed their profile and confirmed their email will get you 25 pts. You will also start receiving matching wins after reaching Gold status
6. Enter the weekly Friday Freepoint contest. Details are posted on Facebook. The last one 
was about taking a picture with something you bought with your Superpoints money. The winner got 200 pts and the runner up got 50.

Referring Friends:

1. Send your friends an email invite or post your invite links around.
2. Refer 2 friends for Gold status (50 clicks + matching wins).
3. Refer 5 friends for Platinum status (100 clicks + matching wins).
Your referrals must confirm their email and complete their profile for you to have your membership upgraded

Other useful stuff:
1. Superpoints Twitter page:
2. Superpoints Blog:
3. The superlucky button resets at 12am mst
4. If you forgot to click your luckymail from yesterday, click it anyways. I find it will go through
5. Try to split up your clicks but don’t stop clicking if the button is giving out prizes. For example, if all the prizes were won (less than) 1 minute ago.
6. The button has periods of time up to 10 minutes when no points are being awarded. To prevent wasting a good chunk of your clicks playing during these gaps, stop playing when the last prize becomes awarded 3 minutes ago. but don't kill me if this backfires and a good prize was awarded instead
7. The majority of members are based in the US. Most of the US falls in the time zones GMT-8 (MST) to GMT-5 (EST). Assuming they don't adjust the frequency of prizes being awarded to known times of low traffic, the best time to click should be 12am MST (3am EST) to 3am MST (6am EST) when most of the country is asleep.
8. Take screenshots of your big wins from the button or luckymail and of your Paypal or Amazon payments. Post them along with your referral links and a short blurb about how much money you get from superpoints on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and discussion boards to get referrals.

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